Dissection (Ode to Andreas)

March 30, 2009

If we were just the
sum of our parts
I would not stand here
peeling back your skin
to learn your faded mysteries,
the mechanisms of human misery and joy
reduced to physics and chemistry and tables,
as if origins
and attachments
were black and white
and not the eternal question that propels us.

Layer for layer
I see the patterns of my self
in your inner workings yet
I am alive and
you are not.
What invisible piece
beats the rhythm in my chest
that you lack?
If I found it in you I could
put it in a table
and we would all be


Written 13 March 08 – ER


One comment

  1. […] [NB: Andreas is what we nicknamed our dissection cadaver during med school anatomy lab.  Dissection part one is here.] […]

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