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April 28, 2009

Filling days with words and thinking
All the while your soul is sinking
Drowning in the hustle bustle
But somewhere still,

A bell is ringing

Cutting through the life that, clinging,
Urgent! drowns your inner burning
Reminds you of your silent yearning
Cuts through all the cling and clatter
Speaks to light inside of matter
Days and hours,
Ticking, going,
Choking out your
Deepest knowing
You wonder what this life is bringing-

Can’t you hear the silence singing?


Written 28 Sept 08 – ER



April 18, 2009

Silence of wind
On broken windowpanes
Echoing down empty
Corridors, beating
Drum patterns
Of rain on the roof –
Memories tapped out
In raging morse code

Pent-up, held in

God-mad –
Not angry
But filled with life’s fury
Hurtling down hallways
Filling worn spaces
                – half-remembered,
Deep old places,
Ragged cliff faces
Helter-skelter in the dark.


Written 9 July 08 – ER



April 13, 2009

The sun glints off morning hills
as he climbs slowly over
tired buildings,
still a-hum with night time.

“Step into my office,” I say,
door open –
but he waits stubborn overhead,
only shining for those who
come to him,
stepping briefly out of daytime dungeons

to sit, face upturned, begging,
waiting to be stroked.


Written 3 April 09 – ER


Me Over Coffee

April 5, 2009

I took myself out for coffee the other day
Sat across the bench from
myself in a different skin
Listened to my words being uttered
by a different voice in
a different mouth.
Funny, I hadn’t recognised myself
until I heard my thoughts sliding out
past foreign lips.


Written 16 May 08 – ER


Winter Morning

April 2, 2009

They say the darkest hour is
Just before dawn
But I wonder sometimes if
Dawn isn’t darker
Muted light in blunted tones
Putting paid to dreams of sunlight,
Gentle mist negating stars
Familiar in its dampness.

Warm steam rises from
The pot the bottle bubbles in,
Fogging the window pane.
The kitchen light caresses fondly
Her small round head,
Dancing gently
Off soft brown hairs.

I hope she learns to see
Only the beauty in the
Grey sky morning,
And not the warning.


Written 8 July 08 – ER