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The Soloist

May 11, 2009
music is saying
life ain’t so bad
I’m not interested in Mozart as an obituary
but as a spirit
he wipes the pidgeon shit from his brow
and he’s there, green,
as green and real as any tree.
Here in this tunnel, it seems somehow
orchestral, the cacophany,
I am part of the music of the city – yes –
but schizophrenically –
in music I am lucid, I am syntax, semantics,
in music I am saying
life ain’t so bad.
Written 13 April 09 – ER


May 7, 2009

I am bodily evidence
of the power of my will
Judge me from the outside
Size me up.

I shrink before you
That you may know I am
That my outer limits are not
Drawn in skin.

I am more than your
Eyes can hold.

Written 8 Feb 08 – ER


I am a noun

May 4, 2009

I am a noun
A being word
Verbing my way along
Searching for my adjective
In a world obsessed with

Written 8 Feb 2008 – ER