Orpheus On Guitar

February 26, 2010

You play my strings like I am
an instrument for you, I
sing out your rhythm at your will –
touch again my A string, my G string,
bend me again to your melody.

Your fingers pull a pattern out of wood and steel,
and I , the stones, the trees,
I am it all as it bends to you,
I am nothing but the sighing wind that
fills your lungs
in the lead up to the bridge.

I explode forth
as the pieces of your poetry and I
fade away in your silence ‘til you
sing again. Great poet: I am your melody.

Written 25 Nov 08 – ER



  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I must say you write very well. This was a wonderful piece, and I love your analogies. Keep writing!

  2. I really loved this. The body like an instrument for love. Great!

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