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November 19, 2010

I want to share with you
the sand and water of my days,
the grit and flow,
wish you to be my
my hourglass,
my catchment, wish

you to rest your lips upon
my stories, what I see with my
eyes and without them, what I hear
with my skin and taste with my
nostrils, wish you to

know me to my dermis and beyond, to
live my experience as your
own, because I am
not enough, there is
not enough of me for all

In every cell, I contain
a universe, I am
in and of it, I am
it all and I am nothing, I am
the grain of sand that contains the
ocean, I wish to

feed you all of me,
grain by grain, I wish to
drink the rivers you
overflow with, I wish us to
meet at the estuary and
there where we mix I wish to
flow out into you because I

too much,
because I

Written 19 November 2010 – ER